Change is good.

Especially when it makes things better.

Who is Mr. Cooper
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Mr. Cooper is more than just a new brand name. It represents a new way of doing business, where we aim to be the friendliest, most trusted advocate for every customer. We are the supportive human voice guiding consumers through the daunting process of home loans, from new purchases and refinancing to servicing of existing loans.
We're keeping things simple, focusing on the solutions and putting customers first. All with one single-minded goal: To keep the dream of home ownership alive.
It's not what you might expect in the home loan business. But that's exactly the point.
We’ll be sharing additional details about the switch to Mr. Cooper in the next few months. In the meantime, check out our freshly redesigned website, where you can make free, secure online payments, view statements, get customized insights and much more.
Of course, if you’ve been managing your account online, is still the place to go.
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We are making a major effort to create the best possible home loan experience for our nearly 3 million customers. It's more than just a new brand name and logo. We’re making huge investments in technology.
You may have already noticed our all-new website and mobile app that make managing your home loan faster and easier than ever. Our whole Customer Service Department is training to reduce wait time and get you the right answer, fast. And we’re introducing a host of innovative offerings to make your home loan experience more rewarding and less worrisome, from start to finish.

Your loan is not being transferred. When we say everything about your loan will remain the same, we mean it. We will continue to service your loan, but in the near future you will start to see communication about your loan come from Mr. Cooper.

As we become Mr. Cooper, we're working harder to give you a better customer experience. But we don't want this transformation to mean more work for you. So rest easy, as we become Mr. Cooper, everything about your loan will remain the same; your loan number, where and how you make your payment, as well as the status and terms of your mortgage.

To us, Mr. Cooper is an identity that represents the kind of person who always goes the extra mile for a customer. He stands for avoiding business as usual and does everything he can to help. He has a firm belief that one person can make a big difference. And, that's who we want to be - a company of Coopers. Nearly 7,000 of us.

We’ll be sharing additional details in the next few months, so keep an eye out for the communications about the switch to Mr. Cooper. We’re excited to have you on the journey!
For now, is still the place to manage your account.

Have a question about our transition to Mr. Cooper or your mortgage that’s not answered here?
Our friendly customer service team is here to help. Send us a message or give us a call at 888-480-2432.
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