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Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Selling Your Home During The Holidays: 4 Outdoor Decorating Tips

If you are selling your home, then you likely already know how important curb appeal can be when attracting potential buyers. The same rules apply during the holiday season — but when it comes to putting festive holiday décor on display, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line. We’ve rounded up four helpful tips for selling your home during the holidays and incorporating tasteful outdoor décor that might still attract potential buyers.

Less Décor Is More
If you typically go all out for the holidays, this could be the year to ditch the inflatables and scale back a little. Some simple lights and greenery might be all you need to make your house look festive yet tasteful, and remember: Most showings happen during the day, so keep that in mind when you decorate. Décor can look different — and sometimes not as beautiful — in the daylight.

Go For Seasonal Décor vs. Religious Themes
To make your home feel inviting and welcoming to prospective buyers of any and every religion, seasonal, non-religious outdoor décor could be a good choice. Not only could you avoid deterring potential buyers with your décor, but you could potentially make a positive first impression with your home’s exterior if it’s inviting but neutral.

Blend With The Neighborhood
We know that we already said that less is more, but there is one caveat: When it comes to holiday décor, it’s best to fit in with your neighborhood. If your street or neighborhood follows a theme and it’s a long-standing tradition, participate as usual — and make sure to tell your real estate agent so that they can explain any confusion potential buyers might have about it.

Keep It All Functioning
If you’re going to put lights on your house, make sure that every bulb is working (and monitor them until the decorations come down). Even though the potential buyers likely won’t see the décor at night, if they are really interested in the property then they may drive by at other hours of the day. Your exterior holiday décor should be simple, tasteful, and in working order.