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5 Tips For Styling A Coffee Table

Whether you switch décor out often or stick to what you love, coffee table styling is an easy way to add personality to your living space. And while there are endless options for styling a coffee table, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorites.

1. The Book Look
There are few designs more classic than a coffee table styled to include beautiful coffee table books. Incorporating interesting books into the mix is also a great way to pull in a few pops of color, and stacked books offer a convenient surface for a few decorative items.

2. The Contained Space
Whether your coffee table is a hard surface or a plush ottoman, using a tray to contain the pieces on it can bring an organized and polished look. A tray can also keep the space from looking too cluttered or busy.

3. The Fresh Feel
Nothing makes a statement on a coffee table quite like a plant or a vase of fresh flowers. With this look, you can keep other décor to a minimum and position blooms as the star of the show. This option also allows you to add a touch of seasonality to your space.

4. The Eclectic Vibe
If simplicity or minimalism isn’t your thing, perhaps a more eclectic coffee table with several different decorative pieces would better suit your fancy. The trick to creating an eclectic coffee table that doesn’t look too random is incorporating pieces with coordinating colors.

5. The Minimalist Table
For a look that is simple and not-at-all cluttered, a minimalist route is ideal. Minimalism is less about the décor, and instead, draws the eye to the table itself. A single magazine or a candle may be all that’s needed to achieve this effortlessly chic look.

Styling your coffee table doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Identifying the look you love most is the first step in creating a coffee table that’s bursting with personality!