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Small guest bedroom ideas

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas For Cozy Spaces

Being a gracious host is about a lot more than just the amenities you provide for your company. If you’re tight on space but your home is welcoming and your guests can easily see how much you love hosting them, then they’ll continue to visit again and again. Here are a few small guest bedroom ideas to keep in mind when creating a welcoming, cozy space for guests.

1. Give A Personalized Welcome
Consider leaving a little note in your guest room that welcomes visitors to your home and includes other information they might need, like the Wi-Fi password or alarm code. If they plan to be in and out of your house, leave them a spare key. Putting out a couple of breakfast bars and bottles of water will make them feel right at home.

2. Provide Comfy Bedding
A great night’s sleep starts with comfortable bedding. You don’t have to break the bank to find linens that are soft and cozy, and having spare blankets a few pillow options for guests will comfortably cover all your bases.

3. Think About The Essentials
Equipping your guest room with a few essentials that visitors might need is a special touch they are sure to remember. Consider adding some reading material like coffee table books and magazines, a phone charger, and a fan.

4. Offer Storage
If your space allows, create a place for your guests to store their belongings. Consider purchasing a luggage rack for suitcases or clearing out a small section of the guest room closet for anything visitors want to hang.

5. Stock Bathroom Essentials
Similarly to room essentials, keeping extra bathroom items that your guests may have forgotten to pack is a nice touch. Consider adding the following to the bathroom your guests will be using:

  • A hairdryer
  • Robes
  • Shower essentials: shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial cleanser
  • Extra toiletries: razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion
  • Feminine products
  • Over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies
  • A plunger (This is something no guest ever wants to have to ask their host for!)

For the ultimate test of your small guest bedroom ideas in action, spend a night in your own guest room. You’ll quickly discover if there’s anything you’ve forgotten to provide, or if any additional tweaks to the accommodations are needed. Happy hosting!