Scott L.

Good afternoon. I want to share our short story and thank you for the wonderful assistance we received with Shawn and Lisa from Mr. Cooper. Our mortgage and settlement situation were not the typical experience. Our new home was hit with a violation during the inspection phase which substantially delayed our closing. We were required to completely shut down the mortgage application for a lengthy period of time. Shawn and Lisa assured us that the process was on hold and we would not lose the progress we had made so far. Throughout the delay Lisa routinely checked in with us and we were grateful for that. When we crossed the major hurdle of our Septic Repair, it was then time to rapidly close out the transaction. Shawn promptly secured us our loan rate and Lisa then resumed under writing. We required a few additional documents which Lisa asked us to obtain and closed up our loan process. Without their help throughout this lengthy process, and Lisa and Shawn’s calm reassurance over the phone, I am confident to say that my wife and I could not have made it to the end. Thank you Mr. Cooper and the team.