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Dorm room ideas

10 Instagrammable Dorm Room Ideas

The typical college dorm room – complete with large tile floors, cinderblock walls, and beige everything – might seem like an impossible design challenge. We get it. The aesthetic…

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How to pack a kitchen

How To Pack A Kitchen For A Move

Without question, kitchens are a challenging room in a home to pack. They’re also easy to underestimate when it comes to planning how much time packing a kitchen for a move actually…

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How to pack for a move

How To Pack For A Move In 7 Steps

Whether you’ve recently moved or are planning to move in the near future, you probably know the challenge that is packing up and moving an entire house. Starting the process can feel…

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Outdoor storage ideas

5 Outdoor Storage Ideas You Can Use

One of the easiest ways to keep your outdoor space tidy is by ensuring that you have enough storage for your stuff. incorporating a few storage solutions for your patio and yard can be…

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Garage storage ideas

7 Garage Storage Ideas You Can Use

Just because garages are home to lots of miscellaneous items doesn’t mean they can’t be organized! And putting a bit of strategic design into the space in your garage can help reduce…

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