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Tips For A Bathroom Remodel

Tips For A 3-Day Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom space is looking dated or lackluster but you’re short on time, fear not. A simple bathroom remodel can be done in just three days, with the right priorities in mind! For small-scale remodels that don’t include ripping out tile or major bathroom fixtures like the bathtub and toilet, here are a few tips for a three-day bathroom remodel that can help refresh and reimagine your bathroom space.

Day One: Strip, Prime & Prep
If you’re upgrading a bathroom with dated wallpaper or looking to change the paint color of the walls from darker to lighter, you’ll want to start your bathroom remodel project by removing all of the things being changed or replaced. If you are swapping out fixtures like light switch plates, towel racks, or shelving, resist the urge to paint around them and go ahead and do the unscrewing work to remove the old ones now. Don’t forget that this stage of your project will get messy, so be sure to prep your space by taping down coverings over floors, countertops, and furniture that can’t be moved to minimize the mess. Also be sure to tape off the areas you plan to paint and make sure you’ll have appropriate ventilation in your bathroom while you’re working on day two.

Here are a few resources that can help you on day one:

Day Two: Stain & Paint
One easy and low-maintenance way to breathe new life into a tiled bathroom space is to change the color of the grout. It only takes a few hours and a few tools, and usually works well for bathrooms that had white grout that is now looking discolored or dingy. A fresh coat of paint also does wonders to revamp a room, and sources like Elle Decor and Good Housekeeping have a variety of recommendations whether you’re looking for something vibrant or something more subdued.

Here are a few helpful resources to guide your remodel on day two:

Day Three: Install & Style
Remember those fixtures and light switch plates you popped off earlier? Now that your paint and grout staining efforts have dried, it’s time to pull of all of the tape and install new fixtures. You’ll also want to style any counter space or open shelving in your bathroom; think functional containers for items like cotton balls and refreshed soap dispensers and trays.

Here are a few sources of bathroom style inspiration that you can use on day three:


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