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Add Value To Your Home With These Tips From TV’s Jeff Devlin

Even if you know that you want to make home improvements around your house, it can be tricky to decide where to start — or what can bring the most value, should you decide to sell in the future. Here’s some insight from carpenter, general contractor, TV host, and Mr. Cooper customer Jeff Devlin on home remodels and how to add value to your home.

Jeff’s Tips For Value-Adding Home Renovations

 1. Choose home improvements that enrich your lifestyle and at-home activities.
Think upgraded kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and areas for entertaining.

2. Choose your contractors wisely.

  • Make sure the contractor has their license and insurance.
  • Ensure they will pull the appropriate permits for your house.
  • Ask plenty of specific questions ahead of time that will help you research your contractor’s skill and credibility.

3. If you’re a Mr. Cooper customer, download the Home Intelligence app.
Use the Tune Up tool to type in the estimated cost of your remodeling project and see if you could leverage your home equity to get it done.


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