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How To Get Rid Of Home Odors

How To Get Rid Of Home Odors

Whether you have plans to sell your house or stay put, odors in your home are generally unwelcome. To make things a little bit worse, getting rid of them can be quite a challenge. If you’ve detected an unpleasant odor in your home, there could be several culprits to blame. No matter what’s causing the stink, we have 10 tips for ridding your home of some of the most common sources of stubborn odors.

1. Clean The Garbage Disposal
If not regularly cleaned, garbage disposals can begin to give off a distinctly rotten smell. To clean your garbage disposal, simply drop a sliced-up lemon with a few spoonfuls of salt and a couple of ice cubes down your drain, then let your disposal run until you can no longer hear the crunch of the ice. The lemon will act as a deodorizer, and the ice and salt will help clean residue that’s lingering in your disposal.

2. Clean The Dishwasher
Similarly to your garbage disposal, your dishwasher can trap bacteria and should to be cleaned regularly. Simply pour two cups of distilled white vinegar directly into the drum of your dishwasher and run it on a normal cycle. Pause the dishwasher mid-cycle for about 20 minutes to allow the vinegar mixture to really break down any lingering residue.

3. Air Out Musty Closets & Drawers
If you live in an old home, chances are, your closets can get a bit musty. The same theory applies to old furniture drawers. If your closets or drawers smell bad, anything you place inside those closets or drawers might start to absorb the odor. To clean your closets and drawers, start by airing them out. Next, crinkle up some paper, douse it with distilled white vinegar, and place the paper ball inside your furniture drawers or on shelves in your closet so that it will begin to absorb odors.

4. Clean Or Replace Trash Cans
It’s no secret that trash smells bad, but your trash can itself can also trap odors. Consider cleaning your trash can with distilled white vinegar and allow it to fully dry before putting a new trash bag in it. If your trash can is old and seems beyond cleaning, consider replacing it.

5. Freshen Up Your Mattress
We spend several hours a day on our mattresses, so it should come as little surprise that mattresses are notorious for trapping odors. To freshen yours, strip all of your linens off and sprinkle the mattress with baking soda, let it rest for a few minutes, then vacuum it up. Make sure to also use a mattress pad that protects your mattress. This way, the pad will absorb some of the odor — and it can also be washed regularly.

6. Have The Carpets Cleaned
Carpets can trap dust, dirt, allergens, pet stains, and — you guessed it — odors. Having your carpets routinely cleaned by professionals will help keep odors to a minimum.

7. Hire An HVAC Professional
The source of bad odors in your home could be coming from mold within your furnace or air ducts. If you suspect that this could be the issue, hire an HVAC professional to inspect your system and make sure any mold that is located is thoroughly removed.

8. Clean Furniture Cushions
If you have upholstered furniture, the cushions should be cleaned regularly. If your cushions zip on and off, you can likely wash the covers in your washing machine. If not, you might consider using a spot cleaning machine to give your cushions a good bath.

9. Use A Dehumidifier
If your home traps moisture, it could begin to smell musty over time. Regularly using a dehumidifier to absorb the moisture will help avoid this particular unwanted smell.

10. Avoid Using Fragrance As A Cover Up
While it can be tempting to use candles and air fresheners to mask of the smell of bad odors, this temporary solution can sometimes make things even worse. Especially if your home is on the market, potential buyers might notice the cover-up attempt and perceive it as a larger issue than it might be. Rather than lighting candles or using plug-ins, try to pinpoint the source of the odor and eliminate it head-on.