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Lawn care tips for fall

Fall Lawn Care Tips To Tackle This Season

Fall is a great time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming seasons. Plus, the cooler temperatures might make doing the work a bit more enjoyable. We’ve rounded up 8 fall lawn care tips to add to your to-do list for the changing season, so follow this simple checklist. Your future spring self will thank you!

1. Fertilize
If you’re only going to fertilize your lawn once a year, fall is the time to do it. Fertilizing in the fall delivers nutrients deep into the roots — and come springtime, your lawn will flourish.

2. Weed control
Applying weed control in the fall may keep you from having to apply again in the spring. For best results, choose a day with mild temperatures when the soil is moist.

3. Repair dead patches
If you have any small patches of dead or thin grass in your yard, fall is the time to reseed. By the warmer months the grass will be more established and ready to handle the heat.

4. Lay sod
Because of the mild temperatures, both spring and fall are good times of year to lay sod, if your lawn is in need.

5. Aerate
One benefit of aerating your lawn is to improve the drainage, and fall is a great time for this chore. You can rent a machine to do it yourself or hire a professional if you’re less comfortable with DIY lawn care.

6. Remove leaves
Fallen leaves can do a lot of damage to your grass. Be sure to rake leaves regularly to prevent molding and fungi.

7. Raise lawnmower height
If you lowered your lawnmower blades for the summer months, be sure to raise them to a height of two inches for the fall.

8. Continue watering — but adjust the schedule
Most lawns need moisture year-round, not just in the summer months. You can adjust your watering schedule (but keep an eye on how much rain you’re getting, and water accordingly).