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70s Design Trends We Love

Our Favorite ’70s Home Décor Trends

If you grew up in the ’70s, then you likely remember some of the iconic décor pieces from your home. The style of the 1970s was all about a hippie look and an eclectic vibe, and much of today’s home décor style mimics just that. Here are seven of our favorite home trends straight out of the ’70s.

1. Hanging chairs
Indoor hanging chairs were a popular look in the ’70s, and with major retailers now carrying them, it’s safe to say they’ve made quite a comeback.

2. House plants
You may not think of house plants as being trendy, but they were all the rage in the ’70s. Spider plants, Monstera plants, and ferns could be found in nearly every home. And due to their low-maintenance nature — they’re back!

3. Macramé wall hangings
Few home décor pieces are as indicative of the 1970s as macramé. Created with a knotting technique, the popular textile is now found on frequent display on walls in nurseries, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

4. Wallpaper
Patterned and floral wallpaper filled the homes of the ’70s, and while today’s tends to be a bit more subdued and modern, wallpaper continues to make a big statement. (If you remember the struggle of removing it, here’s some good news: Wallpapers of today are often removable!)

5. Wicker and rattan
From furniture to baskets and trays, wicker and rattan are everywhere again! Similar to the role they played in the ’70s, these pieces offer a relaxed-yet-crafted look for any space.

6. Velvet
Velvet furniture was a hit in the 1970s, and we’re seeing more and more velvet today. From accent pieces like pillows to focal pieces like sofas, velvet has made a big comeback.

7. Moroccan everything
With bold patterns and interesting textures, Moroccan décor was a popular style of the ’70s. Look no further than Instagram or Pinterest for proof that the exotic home décor trend is surfacing once again.