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How to pack a kitchen

How To Pack A Kitchen For A Move

Without question, kitchens are a challenging room in a home to pack. They’re also easy to underestimate when it comes to planning how much time packing a kitchen for a move actually takes. But if a move is in your future, you’re in luck! Here are a few tips on how to pack a kitchen for a move.

1. Purge
Before you pack anything, plan to throw away, sell, or donate things you no longer need or use. Throw out expired pantry items.

2. Disassemble
If you have larger items, take them apart to save space to fit more into each box. To keep all of the small pieces in safe place, tape a sandwich bag to the inside of the box.

3. Put appliances in original boxes
If you saved the boxes and/or packing materials that your kitchen appliances came in, reuse them for moving.

4. Stick to small and medium-size boxes
Kitchen pieces are heavy, and packing too many things in one single box will make it difficult to move.

5. Secure similar items together
To keep similar items (like spoons and forks) from separating, rubber band or tape them together.

6. Use your dish towels
Dish towels are great for wrapping smaller kitchen breakables. Use what you have before spending on any packing materials.

7. Pack miscellaneous utensils last
To maximize every square inch of box space, save your miscellaneous utensils for last and easily drop loose wooden spoons and spatulas into boxes with an unused corner.

8. Pack a “necessities” box
Dedicate one box to items you’ll need in the few days leading up to your move and immediately after you’ve moved in:

  • Drinking glasses + mugs
  • Silverware
  • Plates + bowls
  • Coffee pot