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3 Easy DIY Garden Projects To Try This Weekend

We’ve dug around for some cool, simple things you can create for your outdoor patio or garden. Since not everyone aced wood shop in high school or has a shed full of tools, we looked for easy DIY garden projects that are simple to build and require minimum tools and skills. Each of these projects can also be completed over a few hours to a few days. Which one will you try?

Easy DIY Garden Project #1: Make an herb planter from a wagon.

Looking to spice up your garden? Take on this easy DIY garden project, dig out Junior’s rusty old Radio Flyer, and turn it into a mobile planter that can go from a sun-steeped corner right to your kitchen door. Here’s how to get rolling.

First you will need a drill with a medium (1/4″) high-speed steel bit. You will also need some supplies: enough gravel to form a 1″ base layer (this will keep the drainage holes from closing up), about 1″ of potting soil, and a little mulch for the top layer. You will also need some potted herb seedlings from your local nursery.

Easy DIY Garden Project #2: Build a compost bin.

What is compost? Basically, you take all your grass and plant clippings, like leaves, pine needles, and hay, then mix with kitchen waste (veggies, fruit rinds, used napkins, etc.) and coffee grounds or other organic items. Then you turn the compost every couple of weeks, until you get what looks like a rich brown soil that has an earthy smell. What is compost used for? Well, if you love to garden, nothing feeds your plants better than compost from your very own backyard, and its price (free!) is impossible to beat. Though you can buy a compost bin made from budget-friendly plastic or even chicken wire, assembling a cedar bin is easy. It will conceal those yard clippings and kitchen leftovers without sticking out like a sore thumb on your landscape.

Easy DIY Garden Project #3: Terra cotta planter garden mushrooms

But what about the kids? How do you keep them busy? We found the ideal easy DIY garden project: upside-down terra cotta planters for garden mushrooms – the perfect way to paint the afternoon away. Here’s your chance to get in touch with your artistic side. And it’s so simple that even the kids can get in on the action.

Start with two or three round terra cotta pots in various sizes. When you turn them upside down, they become the base/stem of the mushroom. Add the terra cotta drain plate, also upside down, to create the mushroom top/cap. Then paint the mushrooms in glorious colors to suit your fancy. Add polka dots to the mushroom caps for more variety.

These easy DIY garden projects are quick, easy and can make your house a little more like a home.

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