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Build A Healthier Home With This Health & Safety Check-Up

Could your home be hazardous to your health? Between mold, pests, cleaning chemicals, and other contaminants, creating a healthier home takes work and perseverance. But you can achieve and maintain a safe, healthy home if you focus on a few key components:

  1. Keep it dry
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Keep it pest-free
  4. Keep it ventilated
  5. Keep it secure
  6. Keep it contaminant-free
  7. Keep it maintained

Many homeowners get the itch to clean house at the onset of spring, hence the term “Spring Cleaning.” Spring cleaning is the annual rite of passage where home owners deep clean, move the fridge, pull off all the cushions to clean, climb those ladders, and get to the dusty nooks and hard-to-reach crannies. And though cleanliness is a great start, it’s just the beginning.

Let’s talk about some basic categories that you can address quickly and easily to make your house into a healthier home:

Healthier Home: Maintenance

Filters. Filters. Filters. There are many filters in a home, and the key to keeping a healthier home is to change the filters appropriately. Change the heating and air conditioning filters. Change the carbon water filter in the fridge. And always clear the lint from the dryer filter before each load.

The frequency for cleaning the dryer filter seems easy, but how often should you change the AC filter? If it looks dirty, change it. Don’t wait until you can see that it’s filthy, as that may prevent the unit from running at its full potential. Factors that will impact how often you change the filter may include the type of AC unit, the type of filter you are using, whether there are pets in your home, or whether anyone in the house suffers from allergies. Click here for some easy tips on changing the filters in your home.

Healthier Home: Child Safety

You’ve secured every electrical outlet and installed child-proof safety latches on of all the lower cabinets. Now what? There are a few less obvious threats that could be lurking in your home. For example, an open dishwasher while it’s being loaded, could provide access to sharp objects like knives and even its own plastic or metal corners. Here are some additional checklists for child safely.

Healthier Home: Senior Safety

Each year thousands of older people fall at home. Reducing the risk may be accomplished by following some basic house rules: Remove the opportunities for tripping by decluttering the floor, including removing shoes, throw rugs, and extension cords. Learn more ways to help keep seniors safe at home.

Healthier Home: Emergency Safety and Security

Don’t get caught in a perilous situation simply because the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are dead. Replace all batteries regularly, and consider keeping a Disaster Kit on hand. Be it a hurricane, tornado, snowstorm, or earthquake, you’ll want to be prepared. From stocking up on food and water to gathering medical supplies and protecting important