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Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Home

5 Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Home

You likely remember the moment you bought your first home. Chances are it was one of the biggest financial and personal decisions you’ve ever made. But not everyone stays in their first home forever — especially after they’ve outgrown it (and it’s easier than you think to outgrow your space). While the idea of selling your first home may seem intimidating, it’s good to be able to recognize some common signs that it might be time to look into buying a new home.

1. You have a full house
One of the most common reasons to upgrade your home is overcrowding. Maybe you moved in when it was the perfect size, but since then you’ve acquired a few pets or a couple of kids. This may be a good time to move on and consider buying a new home — a place that comfortably fits your family (and everything that comes with them).

2. There’s stuff everywhere
With more people come more things that all of a sudden have no place to go. You have laundry hanging on your shower rod and toys cluttering your halls and kitchen cabinets. Buying a new home that has more space for all of your “stuff” provide great opportunities for organization—not to mention free up a lot of closet space!

3. You daydream about buying a new home
Are you spending hours looking at homes online or creating Pinterest boards with all of your future home inspiration? It may be time to make your dreams a reality and upsize by buying a new home that meets all of your expectations.

4. There’s not enough room to entertain
It’s your turn to host the entire family for the holidays, but you’re worried everyone will be too cramped inside your house. Doesn’t really sound so jolly, does it? You may be interested in buying a new home that has plenty of room for entertaining — and enough space to host a successful event.

5. You have empty nest syndrome
On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you have too much room. Maybe your kids moved out and you have extra rooms just begging to be used. If this is the case, and you have too much house and not enough to fill it, you may have officially outgrown your living space. Consider buying a new home that’s smaller in size and better fits your current needs.

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these points, it could be time for a change. Before you decide to upgrade your home, it’s important to know what exactly you’re getting into. Check out this helpful step-by-step guide to learn more about buying a new home.

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